The Great Resignation is in full swing as employees look to change their work expectations and find a ‘great’ place to work. But what makes a place ‘great’?

Photo by Redmind Studio on Unsplash
Making an organization a ‘great’ place to work is a high bar to achieve. (Photo by Leon on Unsplash)

A ‘great’ place to work is subjective, though should likely include:

1) The ability for any employee to deliver value
2) The psychological…

If being Agile is a way of thinking, then being customer-centric likewise is also a way of thinking about placing the needs and opportunity for adding value to our prospects and clients as our top priority.

Agile is unapologetically customer-centric; we talk about being customer-centric almost as much as being Agile.

Humorous look at what customer-centric is not by Tom Fishburne.

Though the cartoon pokes fun at marketers who are trying to force customer-centric into…

Q: What do you do when you are working in an “Agile” environment, yet the senior leadership keeps asking for a “single neck to choke” for the accountability of a “self-managed team” delivering on their commitments?

A: Agile as a belief is not anti-organizational or against hierarchy, nor is it…

Anthony Coppedge

I lead the vision for how business agility is infused in Digital Sales at IBM. I relish the chance to sabotage mediocrity.

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