Agile Games — Using ‘Battleship’ for Demonstrating Pivoting based on Learnings

The Agile Battleship Game Twist

The purpose of this game for Agile training is to introduce the concept of longer-term planning versus short-term planning and the ability to iterate and pivot based on fast and frequent learnings. Because of this, I introduce a modifier that illustrates the long- versus short-term planning: one team plays the game as usual, but the other team has to pre-select five moves ahead (call out the Column/Row for 5 sets of coordinates at a time).

Allusive Battleship played using flip chart paper between teams seated at opposing tables.

Copy-and-Paste these Allusive Battleship Agile Game Rules

Create two teams (Team A & Team B) of roughly an equal number of team members (up to 5).



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Anthony Coppedge

Anthony Coppedge


I lead the vision for how business agility is infused in Digital Sales at IBM. I relish the chance to sabotage mediocrity.