Agile Sales & Marketing Must Be Customer-Centric

If being Agile is a way of thinking, then being customer-centric likewise is also a way of thinking about placing the needs and opportunity for adding value to our prospects and clients as our top priority.

Agile is unapologetically customer-centric; we talk about being customer-centric almost as much as being Agile.

Humorous look at what customer-centric is not by Tom Fishburne.

Though the cartoon pokes fun at marketers who are trying to force customer-centric into something decidedly not so, it’s also easy to see how it could also to apply to those in Sales, too.

Here’s a helpful tip: empathy wins, even if we don’t make the sale today.

Right now in this ‘new normal’ that is anything but normal, sellers have the chance to create a positive, empathetic connection with people who find themselves equally as confused as we are about how to conduct business during this pandemic. Prospects will remember how you approached them during this time; it will leave a lasting impression because so many marketers and sellers are being opportunistic at the expense of others.

Customer-centric is the opposite of opportunistic.

Your prospects and clients can remember you and your brand for more than just what you can do for them; they can remember you for who you are to them.

Be agile. Be customer-centric.



Anthony Coppedge

I lead the vision for how business agility is infused in Digital Sales at IBM. I relish the chance to sabotage mediocrity.