The Great Resignation & What Makes a ‘Great’ Workplace

Anthony Coppedge
1 min readOct 5, 2021


The Great Resignation is in full swing as employees look to change their work expectations and find a ‘great’ place to work. But what makes a place ‘great’?

Finding a ‘great’ place to work | Photo by Leon on Unsplash
Making an organization a ‘great’ place to work is a high bar to achieve. (Photo by Leon on Unsplash)

A ‘great’ place to work is subjective, though should likely include:

1) The ability for any employee to deliver value
2) The psychological safety and empathy to be seen, heard, and valued (and do the same for others)
3) The delegated authority when responsibility is delegated/assigned to prioritize client value over business tradition/expediency

‘Great’ is a high bar and one that the Great Resignation has asked and is being answered by the largest exodus and transfer of talent in knowledge work in the history of mankind. It is both aspirational and inspirational. It is a moon shot realized through muscle-stretching roof shots.

A ‘great’ place to work is not commanded or check-boxed or coerced but is earned and empowered and engendered through empathy.

‘Great’ is not merely better than what employees currently feel they have; it is rarified and precious.



Anthony Coppedge

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