What if Success Metrics Included Your Client’s KPIs?

Anthony Coppedge
2 min readNov 17, 2021
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What if your #Sales, #Marketing, #Integration, and #Support teams had some of their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) tied to some of your client’s KPIs?

This goes beyond sentiment scoring (such as NPS — Net Promoter Score) to tie back the value of your product/solution to their success. Assuming your product does what you say it does and they fully integrate it in with your/your business partner’s help, how would this change both the lifetime value for the client as well as of the client?

Extracting value from the client is outdated thinking. Clients don’t exist to make you money. They exist to deliver value to their clients. Your organization exists to deliver value to your clients. So why not lead with and also measure success against that value?

This does two important things:
1) The creation and sustainability of value become the focus. This makes price nearly a non-issue if the price is lower than the value received/created.
2) It ties your offerings’ value at least partially to your client’s success and makes displacing your solution much, much more difficult.

Sure, this has variables and is as much qualitative as it is quantitative. But stop and ask the question:

How would this change both the lifetime value for the client (what’s in it for them) as well as of the client (what’s in it for your business)?

Easy? Probably not. Game-changer? I think so. What say you?



Anthony Coppedge

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